Drones are rapidly becoming basic tools in a variety of industries, and especially in your personal life. You might be thinking about how to choose your first or even your second drone. Well the answer is to read well written, detailed drone reviews, to compare the best drones in the market and of course the best drone companies.

It is also recommended to think about what you plan to do with your drone and keep updated about the drone laws, drone insurance and about how to start flying.

Here you will also find a complete drone buying guide to start or scale up your journey in the sky. As the FAA relaxes their regulations, we see more and more .


Reading articles covering all sorts of drone knowledge will keep you up to date on the latest drone news and technology. Our blog section covers a wide range of topics from the technical aspects to guides (and just all round fun).

The best drones available in the market are soon expected to be used in a wide variety of tasks, so it’ll be an advantage to know more about drones. We have seen drone deliveries pick up, drone inspections becoming a need rather than a luxury and drone videography in film becoming the normal route of action.

Most important is to always obey the drone laws per country you are looking to shoot in. Some are more relaxed but some have very well monitored no fly zones. Nothing would be worse then losing your drone, being fined and even possibly jailed for disobeying the laws.

Not only do we offer the best drone reviews here, but we breakdown the industry as a whole. Take your time to do the right research into your needs, wants, desires and plans.

Personal Drones
Commercial Drones
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Drones can be handy in all sorts of ways. You dont just need to be curious about flying to want a drone. Photography could be behind your motivation; going somewhere (for the shot) that no-one has gone before and being able to experience the birds-eye view.

You will be amazed at not only these new angles but how life looks different when you are not limited to the bodies capabilities and gravity.

Get DRONE GOOGLES For A Terrific Flying Experience

There is even the chance to take regular drone flying to the next level… Introducing Drone Goggles!

Now you really can be up in the air with the birds. Scared of heights? Well it’s just mind over matter since your feet never leave the ground! This really is the future since drones is a part of our lives already, but the VR (virtual reality) element is the newer addition.

Expect to see not only the best drone reviews here, but goggle reviews and other drone flying add-on’s that take these experiences to the next level.

To have the best flying experience, it’s important to choose the right drone goggles for your eyes.


If you’ve ever wanted to feel what its like to fly through the sky, these headsets will take you there.

Best Goggles
  • Full-screen mode

  • Motion-controlled flight

  • Switch portrait / landscape

  • Good visibility in bright sunlight

  • Built-in card slot

  • Live view

Using drone goggles will allow you to look around with the headset as though you were looking from the drone’s point of view. This makes it easier to pilot and will give you an immersive experience. Plus add in some of the most fun you can have with your two feet on the ground!

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