F200 Shadow Hex Review

The F200 Shadow is robust, quiet, easy to fly and with its excellent GPS guidance system, difficult to crash. Making it the perfect hobby drone for anyone on a budget.


Quality of design

The construction of the Force1 F200 Shadow hex is so finely-tuned and well put together that tapping the body results in a resonating vibration throughout the entire device. The props don’t want to spin freely unless the motor is driving them because they’re very serious and have no time to play around. This drone feels tight and precise.

Also is a really nice looker.  The orange highlights on the black body stand out, and the curves-and-legs design is a welcome relief from the UFO-inspired Phantom and its many blobby clones.

It comes with a pretty fancy set of features, in fact, there’s so much to figure out that the learning curve may be a tad bit high for people without any patience. In order to fly it, the device has to be calibrated, the remote has to be synced, connected to GPS, and paired. If you crash the device has to be calibrated again.

Easy to Fly

Capture Your Best Moments
Nice photo quality
Force1 F200 Shadow Hex
1080P HD Drone camera

We like

The best thing about the Force1 F200 Shadow Hex isn’t its looks or how wonderful it flies, nor is it the 1080p camera; it’s the quiet, brushless motors. You could fly this drone inside without feeling like you need ear protectors. But as the propellers are unguarded you’d be doing so at your own risk.

Nice design

The propellers do not spin freely, and only move when powered by the Shadows motor, meaning there is less risk of breakage during storage. They also have different coloured propellers either side of the drone making it easy to see which side is which, even from a distance.


Fly this drone with your iPhone or Android device and see exactly what the Shadow HEX drone sees in crisp 1080p. You can also mount your device directly to the quadcopter drone controller, giving you the feeling of flying this drone straight from its cockpit, which will certainly help with obstacle avoidance.


This is one of the best drones, having both a high-quality camera for photographers and the speed to attract drone racers. The Shadow Hex will also race home on auto from up to 500 meters, and fly routes on your phone’s GPS map

We don't like

It’s certainly not perfect though. Assuming that bulky batteries are just to be expected, it’s still hard to imagine why the charger for the Force1 F200 Shadow Hex requires me to pull a recessed wire out of the battery, connect that to a charging unit, then connect the charging unit to an AC adapter. The whole thing requires far too much messing around.

No obastacle and memory capacity detection

Without obstacle detection the drone is far more likely to crash, though when you consider how much this drone costs it’s probably not a feature you would expect it to have. What's really annoying though, is without its memory capacity there is just no way of knowing if your footage is being saved or how much memory you have left.

Underwhelming Remote Control

Although the drone itself is pretty solid, the controller is clearly made of cheaper less impressive plastic. But as this drone is so well priced, and the remote does its job, it’s not exactly a deal-breaker.

Problems With Pairing

It may claim to pair your mobile device with the drone Wi-fi, but there are many people complaining about there being issues with this. There is even some feedback claiming the drone does not pair with any of their devices, phone or tablet.

Buy Now

Need something formidable that won’t break the bank? Simply click the link to the right to find out where to buy the Force1 F200 Shadow Hex, and if you find it cheaper elsewhere let us know! Your fellow drone enthusiasts will thank you.


This is an awesome drone! It is recommended to everyone, but especially hobbyists. It is very reasonably priced and comes with many of the features of more expensive drones. The camera quality (1080P) and the battery life is good for the price. You can always buy an extra battery for more flight time.

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